Ozymandiarsch: Drones & Clones I

Published by Institute of Modern Art Nuremberg, Moritz Müller-Schwefel

Illustrated by Karin Kolb
Translated by Lukas Valtin
Enlightenment and criticism 520
Published in May 2018
ISBN: 978-3-955660-79-6
Price: 3,00 €

“Clones from earlier eras often did not survive long in the post-realism of the 21st century.”

June 13, 2098: California has fallen into countless city-states. Right in the middle lies Cedar Sinai City, the hospital world.
Science-fiction author Mark von Schlegell creates in his narrative Ozymandiarsch: Drones & Clones I a highly comic vision of future confusion, recorded by an entity without ego. Everywhere clones and reproductions of famous writers from the romantic world are bustling – and window fronts are only holograms on the 77th floor.
“Nothing starts, ends or writhes.” Wondering: which clone will not survive this comedy?

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