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Venusia Audio Book

‘Library Stack is proud to present the audio book version of Mark von Schlegell’s novel Venusia as part of our contribution to Montez Press Radio. The broadcast will begin Monday night, August 13th at 11:59 PM, and pick up each night at the same time for one week. Venusia is presented with the permission of Mark von Schlegell….”


ls_cover_full-520x866Science fiction auteur, paperback revolutionary, agile co-occupant of literary and art worlds, admirably independent mind Mark von Schlegell is an ideal curator-guide for the bizzarro world of nineteenth century American literature. The rift in history made in the writing of Poe, Emerson, Douglass, Dickinson, Melville, Hawthorne, Henry James et al, Schlegell identifies as a fictional machine through which literary worlds become possible words, then makes a Carrollian flip into the mirror, a splash into the glass, as Cocteau showed us in Orphée. Burroughs called it the “pre-recordings”—the deep code out of which reality is projected. Schlegell calls it the Realometer

— Paul Grimstad


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e10c8070-5561-4e95-a185-aec2f41cb1edLive @ Badischer Kunstverein

Waldstraße 3
76133 Karlsruhe

Fr., 29. Juni

18 Uhr Vortrag
von Michael Schwarz [Geschäftsführer 1974–1982]

19 Uhr Vortrag
Medien Dialoge
von Andreas Vowinckel [Geschäftsführer 1983—1998]

20 Uhr Dramatische Lesung [EN]
Museum of Unfinished Art
mit Mark von Schlegell und Ellen Yeon Kim



Ozymandiarsch: Drones & Clones I

Published by Institute of Modern Art Nuremberg, Moritz Müller-Schwefel

Illustrated by Karin Kolb
Translated by Lukas Valtin
Enlightenment and criticism 520
Published in May 2018
ISBN: 978-3-955660-79-6
Price: 3,00 €

“Clones from earlier eras often did not survive long in the post-realism of the 21st century.”

June 13, 2098: California has fallen into countless city-states. Right in the middle lies Cedar Sinai City, the hospital world.
Science-fiction author Mark von Schlegell creates in his narrative Ozymandiarsch: Drones & Clones I a highly comic vision of future confusion, recorded by an entity without ego. Everywhere clones and reproductions of famous writers from the romantic world are bustling – and window fronts are only holograms on the 77th floor.
“Nothing starts, ends or writhes.” Wondering: which clone will not survive this comedy?